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Payroll Deduction


The work of Nova Scotia Health employees inspires our communities to donate to local hospital foundations. Thanks to this donor generosity, in 2021 the Aberdeen Health Foundation invested over $2 million to fund equipment and enhance health programs at the Aberdeen Hospital and in our community. If you are a Nova Scotia Health employee and are also inspired to donate, payroll deduction is an easy way to contribute to the Aberdeen Health Foundation. Your donations stay within our community and help ensure you and your colleagues have the best tools and facilities to provide the highest level of care and service delivery.

For Nova Scotia Health employees who wish to donate to the Aberdeen Health Foundation through the payroll deduction portal please click here:
Health Care Foundations of Nova Scotia – Payroll Deduction (nshealth.ca)

Please note, that this link will only work for Nova Scotia Health employees who are logged into the Nova Scotia Health network.

If you have questions, please contact the Aberdeen Health Foundation office at 902-752-7600 ext. 4600.