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Your generosity is making a difference. Every gift helps us to provide funding for new treatments, technology, and health care initiatives at the Aberdeen Hospital and in our community.
Area of Greatest Need

Frank & Irene Sobey Fund: Flexibility to respond to emerging needs.

Health System

Investments in the health system impact patient access and care in a variety of areas. You can help by giving to one of the following:

Medical Equipment Endowment: Advancing patient care through program and technology enhancements.

Palliative Care Endowment: Providing perpetual support to enhance palliative care services in Pictou County.

Donald Horne Endowment for Children’s Health: Enhancing direct patient care to children in Pictou County.

Oncology Patient: Supporting patients with extra expenses related to their diagnosis and treatment, including travel, medication, and medical devices.

Designated Area of Care: If the above funds don’t match your priority, your gift can be designated to a specific department or health program, for example the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or Music Therapy.

Gratitude Program: Recognizes staff who have gone the extra mile and provides a meaningful gift of appreciation.

Population Health

Good health is our greatest resource. To advance population health in Pictou County, we work with community partners to identify and address barriers that prevent people from achieving their full health potential. You can join us by giving to one of the following:

Children’s Aid Society (CAS) Endowment: Funding for community projects that promote healthy child development.

Sandbar Mental Health Endowment: Funding to enhance mental health programs, and care in Pictou County.

Population Health: Funding initiatives that are focused on prevention, population health, and removing barriers that prevent people from achieving their best health.

Continuing Education

Everyone benefits when our health care workers are provided with opportunities to learn and adapt to health care innovation, new technology, and evolving best practices. Join us in our commitment to continued learning by giving to any of these funds:

AHF Education Fund: Supporting the continued education and training of health care staff.

Bain Langley Palliative Care Education Endowment: Continuing education and training for medical staff and volunteers working in the palliative care program in Pictou County.

Johnnie Miles Williston Education Fund: Continuing education that will enhance patient and community care.

Edith Were Fraser Family Memorial Endowment: Continuing education for nursing staff in Pictou County.