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Two Donors Come Together for Paediatric Rehab

Jun 14, 2016

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Two donors – Ace in the Hole Septic and Investors Group – were invited to the Physio Department at the Aberdeen Hospital recently to see their donation in action in the Paediatric Rehabilitation room.
The donors were able to meet staff and the family of Bria Dort, who are thrilled with the addition of mirrors for the department’s Bubble Tube, two walkers and a trampoline.
Tom Sim, owner of Ace in the Hole, says his donation was inspired by a friend who is now deceased. “Scott Kelly raced cars and regularly donated to the IWK. I was always impressed with that and, like him, I wanted to help kids in the community.” Ace in the Hole donated a portion of the proceeds from all the tanks they pumped last fall to the Aberdeen Health Foundation.
Investors Group donates regularly to the Aberdeen Health Foundation because they like to invest in tangible things that make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected. “Getting to meet Bria and her family and to see the immediate impact of our gift made a huge impression on me,” says Craig Mercer. “I was utterly humbled by the resilience of Bria and her family – to see the challenges they face and to know we have helped in some way.”
“We are really grateful for these donations because it improves the care we can give to children in Pictou County,” says Crystal Cameron, the department’s physiotherapist.
Cameron explains that the walkers are invaluable for getting kids mobile. For parents of children with a disability, often the number one goal is teaching their child to walk. If a walker is recommended, families have to get quotes and approval from their insurance company to purchase a walker for their child. This can be a 2-3 month process. Now with two walkers available, this therapy can begin right away. The department is planning to loan the walkers out to families until they get their own.
The trampoline is used a couple different ways in therapy. In physiotherapy, it is used for building muscle strength and stability. Cameron will have a child stand on the trampoline and play catch with them. The uneven surface is great for helping them build their trunk strength and balance. The occupational therapists can use the trampoline as a reward or movement break, which is great during therapy sessions that require energetic children to do repetitive and stationary exercises.
“Every bit of extra that we can provide makes such a difference for our patients. Just as we’ve seen with Bria, once kids start to get mobile, they get hungry for movement. The impact of this gift is significant; for Bria and the other children we work with, their therapy will now be accelerated.”
Pictured Top: Matt and Bria Dort, Craig Mercer and Mike MacKean of Investors Group and Hilary Amit of Aberdeen Health Foundation. Missing from photo: Tom Sim of Ace in the Hole.
Pictured Bottom: Kara and Matt Dort with their daughter Bria

Posted: June 14, 2016