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Today we received the single largest donation in our history

Aug 13, 2014

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Sobey Foundation Makes $8 Million gift to Aberdeen Health Foundation

 The Aberdeen Health Foundation (AHF) has received the single largest gift in its history with an $8 Million one-time donation from the Sobey Foundation. The $8 Million gift will boost the Aberdeen Health Foundation’s funding, supporting the Aberdeen Hospital and wellness programs across Pictou County.
“On behalf of the Aberdeen Health Foundation and the Aberdeen Hospital, it’s an extraordinary honour to announce this $8 Million donation from the Sobey Foundation,” said Susan Green, Chair of the Aberdeen Health Foundation Board. “This gift will have a transformative impact on our mandate of enhancing health care in Pictou County for generations to come. These funds will ensure that the Foundation can continue to support excellence in essential health care. On behalf of all those from Pictou County who will benefit from this gift, I would like to personally thank the trustees of the Sobey Foundation for their extraordinary expression of support to our Foundation.”
“The work of the Aberdeen Health Foundation is fundamental to the vitality of our community here in Pictou County,” said Frank Sobey, Chair of the Sobey Foundation. “The Sobey Foundation has made this investment to ensure that the Foundation and the hospital have the capacity to continue to provide this essential support in the community where we live and work.”
The Aberdeen Health Foundation supports numerous facets of health care delivery within the Pictou County Health Authority, including: patient care technology, treatment innovations, facility improvements, and professional development of health care workers.
In addition to its direct support of hospital programs and services, the Foundation’s holistic approach to health care funding provides benefits to other organizations in Pictou County that are working to alleviate risk and promote wellness.
These enhancements are funded through the Foundation’s Medical Equipment Endowment, Palliative Care Unit Endowment, Sandbar Mental Health Endowment, Children’s Aid Society Endowment, and various education endowments, such as the Dr. Johnnie Miles Williston Education Fund and Bain Langley Palliative Care Education Endowment.

Posted August 13, 2014