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Thank you for being there.

Apr 3, 2020

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When the global pandemic was declared, the Aberdeen Health Foundation was able to immediately transition staff to working remotely. It was an easy thing to do and allowed us to protect others, especially our colleagues here at the hospital who do not get that choice.
We are fortunate in Pictou County to have such an amazing team of people who are working on the frontlines of health care. They are our friends, our neighbours, and our family. They are the heroes in our midst. It can be strange and surreal to be cast as a hero for simply showing up and doing what’s expected, but if heroes are admired for their courage and noble qualities then this surely qualifies. From cleaning, food service and administrative staff to lab techs, nurses, and doctors, they continue to show up every day ready to meet Covid-19 if they must. Even though their work and professions have prepared them for this moment, we can’t help but be awed.
This heroism has also emerged where it was never expected, never part of the job description. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone working tirelessly to provide essential services and keep life as normal as possible for the rest of us during these difficult times. To those keeping supplies moving, and grocery stores, gas stations, and pharmacies open, you are truly the best.
And to the non-profits who are adapting to ensure their vital services continue to reach the populations they serve precisely when the need is greatest, thank you for the critical work you are doing to ensure no one is left behind. You have our heartfelt gratitude.
Stay safe, everyone. And as importantly, stay positive.