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Generosity Adds Up for Donor and Health Care in Pictou County

Dec 6, 2019

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When the Aberdeen Health Foundation updated its donor wall recently, one new entry in particular stood out. Susan Martin has worked at the Aberdeen Hospital for over 20 years and through the commitment of a monthly donation she now is among the names recognized on the wall in the hospital’s main lobby.
“I was really excited to let Susan know that her donations have added up in such a significant way and to ask permission to add her name to the display,” says Foundation Executive Director, Michelle Ferris. “This is such a testament to how regular giving can have an impact.” The Aberdeen Health Foundation’s donor wall recognizes contributions of $5,000 and greater.
Susan’s reasons for becoming a philanthropist are deeply personal. In 2004, when diagnosed with a brain tumour, she was overwhelmed by the support she received from fellow staff. “I had seen people rally around one another,” says Susan, “but had never experienced the receiving end. I felt so incredibly supported and grateful. Staff on every floor of the hospital donated to a collection and there were so many cards and well-wishes. It helped me and my family so very much.”
Susan works in several areas of the hospital, including Central Registry and the Cafeteria. At one point when she wanted to advance her training to also work as a Pharmacy Technician, she received funding assistance from the Aberdeen Health Foundation Education Fund. 
“I was so thankful for all I had received and wanted to do more than simply send a card,” Susan explains. “I thought a donation to the Foundation would be a meaningful way to say thank you, help others, and directly support my co-workers. We have an awesome hospital with amazing staff. By donating we can make a great place even better.’”
Susan began donating in 2008 and has been a monthly donor since 2012. Her story is an inspirational example of paying-it-forward and how one person’s generosity can add up. 
 The Aberdeen Health Foundation hopes others will see the possibilities in becoming a monthly donor. 
“Sometimes when donors come in to see me, they apologize because they feel they are not giving enough, but I always insist that every donation makes a difference. Now I have Susan’s story to point to as a wonderful example of how true this is.” 
Monthly donations can be set up easily by contacting the Aberdeen Health Foundation. For employees of the Nova Scotia Health Authority, the process is even simpler. Employees can have a specified amount automatically deducted from each pay cheque. 
All donations to the Aberdeen Health Foundation stay in the community and support the Foundation’s mission to enhance health care in Pictou County through advances in medical equipment, training, and health programs.
If you would like to set up a monthly donation or find out more about donating to the Aberdeen Health Foundation: visit us here.
If you are an NSHA staff member who would like to know more about the Payroll Deduction Program: click here.