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Providing respite and practicing life skills

Jan 7, 2016

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Highland Community Residential Services (HCRS) and Northern Region Respite Services (NRRS) has received funding from the Aberdeen Health Foundation’s CAS Endowment toward two projects. The organization will use this support to increase the respite service it provides on weekends to children and youth with intellectual disabilities. During the respite sessions, participants will engage in activities that enhance physical, social and recreational skills, including various community outings.
“It can be a challenge for children with varying abilities to create and sustain friendships. However, the environment at respite events facilitates friendships and fosters acceptance and inclusivity, says Amanda Smith Robinson of HCRS. “It has been our experience that children who have sustainable friendships have a more positive self-image, higher self-esteem, better coping skills and positive social skills.”
Support will also be provided to HCRS and NRRS for assessing the impact and outcomes of its respite services. This evidence-based information will be used to adapt and improve its programs to better reflect the needs of families.
“We are pleased the CAS Endowment is supporting this HCRS program, which provides enriching experiences to young people with intellectual disability and also provides invaluable respite and social bonding time for their families,” says Robyn Eaton of the Aberdeen Health Foundation.
The Foundation’s CAS Endowment was established to support projects that alleviate risk, prevent crisis, and enhance the potential for healthy outcomes for children, youth, and families in Pictou County.
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Posted: January 7, 2016