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Philanthropy Day 2016

Nov 14, 2016

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Aberdeen Health Foundation Celebrates Decade of Giving from United Commercial Travellers

The Aberdeen Health Foundation has many reasons to celebrate this Philanthropy Day.
The United Commercial Travellers (UCT) is one example of the many generous donors that help the Foundation fulfil its goal to enhance health care in Pictou County.

Pictured: Susan Green, Aberdeen Health Foundation; Iva Fraser-Campbell, UCT; Bonnie McCarron, Patient Care Navigator; and Henry Walsh, UCT.

UCT has been donating to the Aberdeen Health Foundation since 2006 and in 10 years their donations have now totalled nearly $50,000. The proceeds come from the group’s TV Bingo fundraising and go to the Oncology Client Fund, which helps cancer patients who may be having difficulty with the extra costs associated with their treatment.
“There are a lot of people within our group that have experienced cancer or have family members that have been affected by the disease; it’s such a worthy cause,” says Henry Walsh a member of the UCT since 1991 and Chair of TV Bingo. “We like to donate to causes that keep the money in the community, helping the people of Pictou County.”
Speaking on behalf of the Foundation, Susan Malcolm points out the true impact of the group. “When one considers that the Oncology Client Fund at the Aberdeen Health Foundation is just one of the many causes they support, it’s hard to find words to express the deep gratitude we have for the UCT members who volunteer tirelessly to make this community better.”
“It’s those consistent acts of generosity, year after year, that continue to boost the Foundation and allow us to do more to enhance health care here at home,” says Malcolm.
Philanthropy Day is celebrated on November 15. It’s an opportunity for charities to give thanks, recount all that has been accomplished, and let people know how they can get involved. It’s a reminder of the incredible impact of many individual acts of generosity.
As the leading health care charity in Northern Nova Scotia, the Aberdeen Health Foundation is celebrating 30 years and funding more than $20 million in advanced equipment and care for the region.
For all the ways you give, we thank you!

Posted: November 14, 2016