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Health Care Employees Find a Way to Give Back

Aug 5, 2022

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Nova Scotia Health employee Nancy MacConnell-Maxner has dedicated much of her time to enhancing Pictou County through her volunteer work and community involvement. She now participates in the Payroll Deduction Program, donating a portion of each pay period to the Pictou County United Way and the Aberdeen Health Foundation.

While we already know what a vital role those working in health care play in our community, some employees are going above and beyond. For Nova Scotia Health employee Nancy MacConnell-Maxner, giving back to her community has always been a priority.

Through her position with Nova Scotia Health, MacConnell-Maxner works as a Director of Interprofessional Practice & Learning: Academic & Community Partnerships.  This work focuses on developing pathways for health care providers to work to the full scope of their clinical practice and profession within Nova Scotia Health. Despite wearing many hats in her professional life, Nancy has always found time for involvement in various community organizations and groups throughout Pictou County.

“I was born and raised here, and lived away for a time before moving back,” says MacConnell-Maxner, when asked why it’s important to her that she give back to her community. “I was really proud to return to Pictou County and I appreciate all we have here – we’re really lucky. At the same time, though, I know there are many needs here. If you have the ability to give back and you get that opportunity, whatever it may be, it’s important to take it.”

Nancy began her volunteer work as a stay-at-home mother giving her time to the Scotsburn Recreation Club, but she didn’t stop there. Her list of past and current involvements has grown through the years to include the Pictou County 2020 Group, the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce, the society board at Summer Street, Pictou County Invasion Volleyball Club, and Pictou County United Way.

In addition to donating so much of her time to the betterment of the community, as a health care employee Nancy is also proud to participate in the Payroll Deduction Program in support of the Aberdeen Health Foundation and the Pictou County United Way. The Payroll Deduction Program is an easy way for Nova Scotia Health employees to contribute to the health care foundation of their choice, with donations staying within the employee’s community.

“Through giving via the payroll deduction program, I don’t really notice it as much as I would donating a one-time or yearly lump sum, but I’m still able to contribute enough that I feel like I’m helping to make a difference,” Nancy says about the program, which divides donations over each pay period. “Because I work in the health care system, I see what the Aberdeen Health Foundation does for the hospital and the community at large, and that work really aligns with my personal philosophies about community and health. I also know the rigour the Foundation uses to determine how the funding will be spent. I know the Foundation is very responsible and I can have faith that my donation will be well taken care of and used very thoughtfully.”

Through the generosity of donors like Nancy, today the Aberdeen Health Foundation is proud to be able to give $2 million each year to advance health care in Pictou County.

“If I have an opportunity to help create conditions to have a healthy and thriving community, I think that’s really important and it means a lot to me,” says Nancy. “I am so grateful that the Foundation supports the overall health of our community and our health care system.”

To learn more about the payroll deduction program or for anyone interested in learning about monthly giving, please click here.