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Pat Lord Award

Apr 20, 2015

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Funded through the Aberdeen Health Foundation’s Children’s Aid Society of Pictou County Endowment Fund 

The Pat Lord Post-Secondary Education Award for Pictou County Adoptees was created in 2009 to recognize the work of Mrs. Pat Lord, Adoption Worker with the Children’s Aid Society of Pictou County, who retired after 39 years of service.

When the long time private agency was integrated into the Department of Community Services in 2010, funds from donations and bequests to the Children’s Aid Society of Pictou County were transferred to the Aberdeen Health Foundation, and an endowment fund was created. Funding for this award comes from this endowment, and is awarded based on the recommendation of a Selection Committee.
This award is available to youth who were placed for adoption by or through the Children’s Aid Society of Pictou County.  Theaward is not based on academic success, but rather, it requires the applicant to have demonstrated involvement in their school or in the community at large.

Amount of the Award:

One award per year in the amount of $2,000.00.

Who May Apply:

This award is available to any youth who was in the care of the Children’s Aid Society of Pictou County and who was placed for adoption either in Pictou County or elsewhere in Nova Scotia.  It is also available to youth who were in care elsewhere in NS and who were placed with adoptive families in Pictou County. These youth must enroll in a recognized post-secondary education program within two years of their high school graduation. Applications outside this criteria may be considered under exceptional circumstances.
Recipients can only receive this award once.

Application Deadline:

Applications may be submitted by email (with all documents in .pdf format) or regular mail at the address below and must be received no later than May 14, 2023.

Application Procedure:

An application form may be downloaded from the link below, or by contacting the Aberdeen Health Foundation office.

Pat Lord Award Application PDF (460 KB)

Applications must be accompanied by:

  • Applications must be accompanied by:
    • Proof of acceptance in a recognized post-secondary education program;
    • A copy of your transcript;
    • Information on other scholarships and bursaries you have received;
    • A letter of recommendation from an adult who knows you well, but is not related to you i.e.: a teacher, guidance counselor, youth group leader, minister, employer, etc.;
    • A 500 word essay introducing yourself to the Selection Committee. This essay should help the Committee get to know you and should include:
      • your educational and career goals
      • your non-academic involvement at your school or community at large
      • what being an adoptee has meant for you
      • what this award would mean to you

Selection Procedure:

All applications will be brought before the Selection Committee and evaluated based on the criteria above.
The award recipient will be notified and is required to provide proof of enrollment. Once received, a cheque payable to the recipient will be forwarded. The recipient will have to provide their Social Insurance Number for the purpose of issuing a T4A, which we are required to do by law. The recipient is required to provide proof of payment of their tuition within 30 days of the start day of classes.

For further information contact:

Pat Lord Education Award
Aberdeen Health Foundation Attn: Deelle Hines
835 East River Road
New Glasgow, NS, B2H 3S6
902-752-7600 ext. 4600

Download Application Form:

Pat Lord Award Application PDF (460 KB)