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Raising the Bar for Patient Care

Jul 1, 2013

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“Today, I am back to full health and leading a normal life thanks to the state of the art CT Scanner, the diagnostic imaging staff at the Aberdeen Hospital and the care of my neurosurgeon.” ~ Peter Crawford

Headaches. Frequent headaches. Peter was inclined to ignore them, but he was about to start a new job and decided he’d better make an appointment with his doctor.
And it was a good thing too, because Peter’s doctor felt the headaches should be investigated further with CT Scan. Fortunately, Peter did not have to travel far for such a specialized test. His doctor arranged for CT scan at the Aberdeen Hospital.
SUB peter crawford
During the scan the diagnostic imaging staff discovered that Peter had a subdural hematoma, or bleeding on the brain. He was immediately sent to Capital Health for a Neurological consult via Ambulance. Ultimately surgery was required to remove the bleed.

“To this day I still don’t know what caused the bleeding on my brain, I’m just thankful I acted on it and am still impressed that I was able to get the test I needed literally down the road from my home.”

The CT Scanner is just one example of the many patient care technologies that have been provided by the Aberdeen Health Foundation’s Medical Equipment Endowment.
Since 1986, this endowment has ensured that our local hospital can exceed the standard of care and that staff have the training they need to operate new technologies. Through careful stewardship, donations to this fund provide stable support for medical advances at the Aberdeen Hospital every year.
Together we can raise the bar for patient care.