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Jean's Legacy

Jul 3, 2013

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Jean Ross has taken to heart the words of 18th century philosopher Edmund Burke who said, “No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”
Jean’s life is full of stories of giving, whether in her career in the tourism industry or in her commitment to making her community better.
As a young woman, in the war years, Jean helped found the Vedettes, a war services club that organized social events and care packages for the servicemen. Later, she helped found a citizen’s council that developed services, which gave rise to local baseball, hockey and Gyro swimming programs—all of which continue to this day.
In the 1980s, Ms. Ross retired from a distinguished career in tourism, where she worked to bring tourism education and training into the schools. More recently, Ms. Ross spearheaded efforts to have the shoreline near her home designated as a protected beach and regulate activities that could negatively impact the beach ecosystem.
For Jean Ross, life is about the will to do good. She believes no act is too small. As part of her lifelong efforts to improve her world, Jean has supported the hospital financially every year and now Jean will continue to help others long into the future through a Legacy Gift in her Will to the Aberdeen Health Foundation.

“I wanted to leave something that would be of benefit to my community and because I’m the last of my line, I wanted to leave it in memory of my family—my parents, William and Mary Ross, and my Scottish ancestry.”


Posted: July 3, 2013