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Integrating play in the classroom at New Glasgow Academy

Oct 22, 2015

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Aberdeen Health Foundation’s CAS Endowment has provided funding for an innovative play-based program at New Glasgow Academy. “Let’s Play!” uses play to teach resilience, self-regulation, and communication skills to students in the 4 Plus to Grade Two classrooms.
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“Let’s Play!” fosters healthy child development and builds skills for success by creating an environment rich in play opportunities that engage the imagination, encourage good communication skills, and build relationships.
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Speaking about the program, which is now in action in the classrooms, Amanda Bonvie, Grade Two teacher says, “We are pleased to share that each classroom is ensuring that our students are engaging in play based learning activities daily. We are observing wonderful relationships being developed and rich conversations occurring. Creativity is flowing through the elementary classrooms at New Glasgow Academy. Promoting social and emotional wellbeing of our students and developing positive relationships is still the forefront of our project and we look forward to watching the classroom community build throughout the school year. We continue to witness daily positive benefits from the project.”
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In its efforts to ensure “Let’s Play!” is a model of excellence for the education of young people in Pictou County, the program was developed in consultation with a professor from St FX who specializes in play based learning.
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Recently, Susan Malcolm and Susan Green of the Aberdeen Health Foundation visited the school to see the “Let’s Play!” program in action. “I found the energy in the room spellbinding,” says Malcolm. “To see all the children engaged and interacting, and so eager to tell you what they were doing. It was such a good feeling. School has changed a great deal since I went.”
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Click here to learn more about the Aberdeen Health Foundation’s CAS Endowment.

Posted: October 22, 2015