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Hospital Fully Equipped with AEDs

Jun 2, 2016

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Thanks to a nurse who saw a need, the Aberdeen Hospital is now equipped with AEDs on every floor.
AEDs are small portable defibrillators; they provide a critical first response for heart attacks and can be life-saving in critical situations. ER Nurse, Donna Cyr, felt that the Emergency Room shouldn’t be the only place in the hospital with access to such equipment.
Donna took the initiative and reached out to her site manager and to the Aberdeen Health Foundation. Everyone agreed it would be in the best interest of the community to equip the hospital as well as the Eastside, Westside and Pictou clinics. The Foundation provided funding for 7 AEDs.
“Thanks to Donna for recognizing this opportunity to enhance health care in Pictou County, says Susan Malcolm of the Foundation, “and for taking the time to follow up. This is a great example of our health partners identifying a need and the Foundation being able to make it happen.”
Pictured: Susan Malcolm, Aberdeen Health Foundation and Jennifer Sutherland, RN, BScN, CCNP, Health Services Manager, Emergency Department


Posted: June 2, 2016