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Helping to Brighten Smiles

Jun 12, 2017

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Dr. Eric Beaton is looking forward to providing dental care to some new patients. The Bright Smiles Project is making it possible for patients living with a mental illness to receive a dental exam, x-rays, tooth cleaning, and one-year supply of oral care products. While at the dentist, they will also receive information on nutrition, tooth care, preventing tooth decay, and how to counteract some of the side effects their medication can have on oral health.
Good dental care plays a role in overall health and wellbeing. By offsetting the costs of these services and providing a ride if needed, this program is ensuring that those living with mental illness in Pictou County have access to the same quality of care others might take for granted. Other dentists participating include Dr. Shawn Noftall, Dr. Andrew Macleod, and Dr. Edward Hawkins.
The project is an initiative of the volunteer-led Pictou County Mental Illness Family Support Association and is being funded in part by the Aberdeen Health Foundation.

Posted: June 12, 2017