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Getting the best start in life

Nov 26, 2015

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New play-rich learning space at Kids First is making sure no one is left behind

The Aberdeen Health Foundation’s CAS Endowment Legacy Fund is supporting a significant capital project at Kids First Family Resource Centre to create a play-based learning environment.
Children learn by exploring, playing, imitating and observing. Play in early childhood shapes our brain and has lasting effects on how we communicate, think, and develop emotional wellbeing and beneficial social skills. These profound and lasting impacts of play have been well documented.
The funding will be used by Kids First to purchase equipment that will help create a fun, inspiring, play-enriched learning environment that reflects the latest research and safety standards.
“Kids First reaches families that are currently underrepresented and not accessing other public programs and services,” says CAS Fund Chair, Robyn Eaton. “We are very pleased this support will help realize the fundamental goals of the CAS Fund – to support children and families so they can thrive in our community.”
The Aberdeen Health Foundation’s Children’s Aid Society (CAS) Legacy Fund was established by the former Children’s Aid Society of Pictou County and is dedicated to supporting capital projects that symbolize and create a lasting tribute to that organization.
Speaking of the support from the Aberdeen Health Foundation, Kids First Executive Director Michelle Ward feels this sends such an important message to the people her organization serves.
“The spirit of the CAS Legacy fund is to foster caring environments so children can have the opportunity to flourish. Kids First Family Resource Centre supports the dignity of families and the dynamic communities in which they grow. The similarities in philosophy allow great opportunity to reach families who traditionally do not engage in services and programs in our community. It certainly sends a very strong message to families participating in our services that the Aberdeen Health Foundation believes in the importance of the creation of safe play environments and learning together regardless of income or life circumstances and without judgment. The generosity and support of the Aberdeen Health Foundation is humbling.”

Posted: November 26, 2015