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Donald Horne Endowment for Children’s Health

Sep 10, 2018

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Donald Horne is 93 years old. It is not unusual to find him outside working in the yard, puttering or simply enjoying the sound of a nearby creek. Through the open garage door his gleaming white motorcycle is hard to miss. When asked what he attributes his health and well-being to, Don opens his arms and looks around. “To this. Just living a full, active and interested life.”
One of the last remaining WWII veterans, Don served between 1944-46 and was recently recognized for his role in rebuilding Holland after the war. Shortly after his return from overseas he went to work for MT&T. He began as an architectural draftsman and eventually moved into sales and marketing. Before retiring forty years ago, he was project manager for the construction of the MT&T building at the bottom of Spring Garden Road in Halifax.
Don clearly loves life and has lived it to the fullest. He is a generous man who thoroughly enjoys helping others. When asked about giving, he beams, “I get this wonderful feeling knowing that I am going to help someone. I’m at the top of the world.”
In 2012, Don reviewed the value of his investments and estate. He realized that it made sense to share at a time when he could witness the impact of his gifts. The Aberdeen Health Foundation has been fortunate to be one of his charities of choice. Don’s donations have been used for equipment purchases and enhancements for the Emergency Room, Palliative Care Unit, and the Women & Children’s Unit. He is particularly proud of the children’s garden he is funding.
As Don sees the difference his contributions are making he has become increasingly focused on helping children. One of his gifts was used to purchase equipment that could make difficult births possible. His eyes light up telling of the day he was called to the Aberdeen Hospital to meet a newborn baby and her mother. Don Horne had helped bring a new child into the world!
A little luck and years of investing in the right stocks truly paid off for him. With the help of sound investments he is in a great place personally and also able to positively affect the lives of others. This is part of the motivation behind his new Endowment for Children’s Health.
“We are so appreciative of donors like Don, who understand the critical role individuals can play in making our health system better, stronger, and more responsive,” says Jim Shaw, Chair of the Aberdeen Health Foundation. “To establish a fund that will support children’s health in perpetuity is a profound way to impact future generations of children who will be born and raised in our community.”
An endowment fund donation is an investment that grows principle, generates income, and provides ongoing support to an organization. Proceeds from The Donald Horne Endowment for Children’s Health will go directly to patient care for children in Pictou County.
“Health care teams at the Aberdeen Hospital work hard to provide the best possible care to our community,” says Brenda Payne, Nova Scotia Health Authority’s Director of Health Services for Pictou County. “Mr. Horne’s support and numerous donations have significantly enhanced our capabilities. We are so appreciative of his kindness and generous gifts.”
Through the timeliness of his generosity Don is able to witness his legacy at work. Furthering his commitment he intends to leave a gift in his will that will boost the fund even further.
To find out how you can help build the Donald Horne Endowment for Children’s Health contact us or donate today.