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Co-op Students Wrap Up Work Term with Presentation

Aug 25, 2016

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Students from Pictou Academy, North Nova and Northumberland Regional High Schools have completed their summer work terms at the hospital. Over 200 hours, they have spent time in every department and been introduced to the wide range of career opportunities in health care.
Co-op Students 2016 (1)
During their closing presentation, the students spoke of how much they loved being in the hospital environment, having the opportunity to learn from so many caring people, and being able to spend every day helping people feel better.

“Throughout the summer we gained experience in a wide variety of areas, from the administrative side to very physical, hands-on work. This has shown us that the hospital needs every department and every worker to help the hospital run smoothly. We got to see and experience things that other people our age would love to see. This has opened our eyes and gave us a good idea of what we would love to do in health care and what we might not enjoy. It has opened our minds as well, showing us the ins and outs of patient care, co-worker interaction, health care and body care, and even dealing with difficult family members. This experience will stay in our brains and our hearts and hopefully in years to come we will be working in healthcare, in our own profession, looking back on the summer of our lives.”
– Bailey Macdonald, Kelsey Robson & Clare MacDonald
The Aberdeen Health Foundation is pleased to provide financial support to make this program possible.
Co-op Students 2016 (2)
How special is this!? – Photo of Clinical Educator Chanda MacDonald and Clare MacDonald after they finished bathing a baby. Chanda was the student nurse when Clare was born and taught Clare’s parents how to bathe her.

Posted: August 25, 2016