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Board Member Profile – Dr. Chakshu Sharma

Jan 6, 2023

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Dr. Chakshu Sharma grew up in the northern state of Punjab, India, and attended medical school in Bangalore in the south of India. At 26 years old, she came to Canada to take part in a medical research project. Due to the project’s success, Dr. Sharma stayed in Canada and completed her residency at Dalhousie Medical School. With different medical fields to choose from, Dr. Sharma preferred to pursue a specialty that would allow her the freedom and opportunity to be a wife and mother as well as a doctor. This brought her to Pictou County, where she is finding balance and making a mark as a well-respected community general surgeon.
Dr. Sharma has been a Board Member since 2020. “When I first joined the Board, I was unaware of the scope of their work and the immense impact the Foundation has on the health of our community.” Now, with two years of experience under her belt, Dr. Sharma hopes her work on the Board can help to improve accessibility of care for the average resident of Pictou County.
“Now that I better understand how decisions made at the board table can affect people in Pictou County, I’m motivated to bring positive change to the health of the community I love. From the perspective of a physician, Pictou County is a very welcoming place. I feel extremely valued as many of my patients take the time to express their gratitude. I do not believe I could find professional fulfillment anywhere else.”