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Turning Birthdays into Gifts for Others

Jan 17, 2017

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Brooke and Ethan Howes dropped by with a donation for the hospital’s palliative care unit recently. This marks the second year that the siblings turned their birthday party into a chance to gather donations rather than gifts for themselves. Though two years apart, the two share a birthday on November 24. This year they were joined by their young cousin Ava Simpson. This act of generosity was their idea, inspired by time they spent in the unit at the side of their beloved aunt Fay Murphy, who passed away two years ago on December 21.
We are ever so thankful and humbled by the meaningful family tradition these young cousins have started.

Pictured L-R is their mother Kelli Murphy, palliative care physician Dr. Kwasnik-Krawczyk, Ava Simpson, Brooke Howes, grandmother Ellen Murphy, and Ethan Howes.


Posted: January 17, 2017