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Better delivery of Chemotherapy thanks to Women Alike

Jul 31, 2014

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Aberdeen Health Foundation recently received $8,500 from Women Alike Abreast A River, these funds are raised in our community at Race on the River and then donated back to our community. Faye Visser, President Women Alike said, “Our group is able to make this generous gift due to the community support we received as one of the recipients of the funds raised during Race on the River. We are thrilled to be able to give back to the community for all the support the community has given our team.”
Women Alike Jul 2014
Susan Green of the Aberdeen Health Foundation said, “Donations from our community groups are instrumental to help ensure we are able to support the staff and physicians with the equipment required to enhance health care in our community. The dollars raised will help ensure our patient’s care and comfort at a stressful time in their lives. We are truly lucky to have such support from a group so dedicated to their community.”
This year we are able to purchase a vascular probe for the Portable Ultrasound. This equipment will be used in the Oncology Unit by physicians to visualize a vein for accurate access and easy insertion of a central venous access line, which are used to administer Chemotherapy drugs. These lines are for long term IV therapy and can be left in place for several months.
“Due to generous donations from all donors, big or small the Aberdeen Health Foundation is able to provide the equipment, education and resources required for our Hospital, which will help ensure our community has the care they require right here in Pictou County. These are the benefits of living in such a wonderful community,” stated Susan Malcolm.
Pictured above left to right are : Dianne McKenzie, RN; Bonnie McCarron, Patient Care Cancer Navigator; Dr. Shaabaf, Internal Medicine; Women Alike Abreast A River representatives, Bev McGuigan, Carol Brauer, Faye Visser; Susan Green, Chair, Aberdeen Health Foundation.

Posted July 31, 2014