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Supporting the Caregivers

Jul 5, 2013

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“Thanks to the Bain Langley Palliative Education Endowment, we as health care providers have been given the opportunity to further our education, which in these times of fiscal restraints would not otherwise be possible.” ~ Bonnie Mason

As a nurse, Bonnie Mason has always prided herself in going above and beyond for her patients. No doubt this commitment to patient care is why Bonnie was approached when a palliative care unit was being planned for the Aberdeen Hospital. And though she had never before thought about this field of nursing, she entered without hesitation. She believed she had the right qualities for this specialized area. She took the palliative care course at St. FX and joined the unit when it opened in 2007.
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Bonnie has never regretted her decision, though she admits there are days and moments that are harder than others, “I have the most difficulty when the patient is my own age, or that of my kids.”
In a role that calls upon her to provide support, comfort, and dignity at life’s end, Bonnie also has support she can rely on to help her through the most challenging moments. She cites her original training as providing an excellent foundation, and her colleagues, including Dr. Farrell who is extremely supportive. Bonnie also been supported by the Aberdeen Health Foundation, which has made it possible for her to attend training opportunities and conferences, learning that benefits the entire unit.

“The funding from the Foundation has made it possible to attend several conferences in person in recent years. Getting to meet and have conversations with others who work in the same area every day brings another level of experience and awareness to what we do. The potential to exchange information, share experiences, and see how other units operate has been invaluable.”

Bain Langley Palliative Care Education Endowment

In Palliative Care, caregiving is centred on helping patients and their families understand diagnoses, make decisions, and find comfort at the end of life. Those working here have to show up every day with great presence of mind, open-heartedness, and compassion. It is work that draws heavily on one’s emotional reserves. The Bain Langley Endowment ensures that the doctors and nurses of the Aberdeen Hospital’s palliative care unit have the opportunity for continued educational support and renewal. Being able to connect with others who work in the same area and learn about the latest research and caregiving methodologies benefits entire unit, its patients, and their families.
Help us support our palliative care staff.