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Foundation’s Funding for 2016 Touches Virtually Every Area of Health Care

Feb 6, 2017

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In 2016, its 30th anniversary year, the Aberdeen Health Foundation invested over $1.5 million in new equipment and programs for health care in Pictou County. This brings the Foundation’s total contributions to more than $23 million.
Executive Director Susan Malcolm is proud of the ways the Foundation has fulfilled the promise of its founders, to fund equipment at the hospital without having to ask for support from the community for each new item that is required.
“The continued generosity of the people of Pictou County has helped our Foundation to grow significantly in the years since it was established. Because of this support, we are in the position to provide funding of this magnitude every year. It’s quite remarkable and a wonderful support for our health care staff.”
Of the funding, almost $1.2 million will be directed to new equipment and technology for virtually every area of the hospital, including the ER, operating room, ophthalmology, maternal health, intensive care, lab, palliative care, cardiorespiratory and GI departments.
Health Foundation Chair Hilary Amit draws a link between the Foundation’s funding and the economy. “A well-equipped, well-staffed hospital is good for citizens and local employers alike. It makes it easier to attract people and makes our community a good place to invest. We’re pleased that our Health Foundation is contributing so robustly on both fronts.”
A further $389,000 is funding continuing education, mental health, and community programs.

Included is an investment for a Palliative Care Fellowship. With the retirement of Dr. Gerry Farrell, the Foundation provided funding for Dr. Kwasnik-Krawczyk to complete a specialized program for palliative care physicians. This allowed for continuity of care in the hospital’s award-winning palliative care unit.
“The Board and Acquisitions Committee of the Health Foundation work hard to ensure we’re making the right choices and being good stewards,” added Malcolm. “The priority is to secure equipment and programs that will provide the greatest impact in our community.”
To learn more about the Aberdeen Health Foundation please attend its AGM on February 23. It will take place at 6:30 pm in the Boardroom of the Aberdeen Hospital. See below for a full list of equipment that was funded.

Pictured above: Dr. Kwasnik-Krawczyk accepts a donation for the palliative care unit from Ava Simpson, Ethan and Brooke Howes. The Aberdeen Health Foundation provided funding for Dr. Kwasnik-Krawczyk to complete a fellowship program that gave her the qualifications needed to carry on with the important work of Dr. Gerry Farrell after his retirement.


2016 Funding Commitments

Capital Equipment
Diagnostic Imaging: Upgrade X-Ray Room #2


Ophthalmology: Humphrey Visual Field Analyzer,
YAG Laser


Cardiorespiratory: Non-Invasive Ventilators, Echocardiography Unit,
Arrhythmia Event (Loop) Monitoring System


GI Clinic:
GI Clinic Monitor


Intensive Care:
Monitor/Defibrillators (2)


Maternal Child:
Labour & Delivery Birthing Beds (1),
Pediatric Crib (5),
Infant Incubator,
Radiant Warmer


Laboratory: Coagulation Analyzer (2)


Automated External Defibrillators (7)


Capital Equipment Total  


General Fund


CAS Endowment


CAS Legacy Fund


Sandbar Mental Health Endowment


Dr. Johnnie Miles Williston Education Fund


AHF Education Fund


Palliative Care Endowment and Fellowship


Bain Langley Education Fund


Specified Donations


Total Other Funds  


Total Funding 2016  


Posted: February 6, 2017