About Us

Ensuring the Care is Here when it’s Needed

The Aberdeen Hospital Foundation, as it was then called, was established in 1986 to support the hospital’s fundamental mission to provide quality health care to those in need. The Foundation has done so by providing continuing and coordinated financial support, helping the hospital adapt its operations, programs, equipment, and services to ever-changing technologies and improved standards of care.


The Aberdeen Health Foundation relies on community support and the generosity of individuals to fund:

  • Patient care technology
  • Innovative treatment methods
  • Better facilities
  • Professional development and support for health care workers
  • Community health projects

Our community thrives on generosity. Literally.

To date, a remarkable $23 million in capital and service improvements have been funded by the Aberdeen Health Foundation. That’s 23 million more dollars than would have ever flowed into our local hospital because of people like you.

Enhancing health care here in Pictou County.
It’s a simple message, loaded with meaning.