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NSCC Students Kick Off Fundraiser for Mental Health

The students in the Continuing Care Assistant Program at NSCC are raising awareness and funds for mental health in Pictou County. The students in ‘A Group’ have decided that the proceeds from their efforts will go to the Aberdeen Health Foundation for the New Hope Program. “We learned about the New Hope program through the…

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Latest Ultrasound Technology for IV Therapy

The Aberdeen Health Foundation received a generous donation from the Pictou County Prostate Cancer Support Association to acquire a Site-Rite Ultrasound System for the Aberdeen Hospital. This enhanced technology enables the use of ultrasound to precisely locate, assess and access veins for the placement of a PICC (Peripheral Inserted Central Catheter), which is used in…

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Turning Birthdays into Gifts for Others

Brooke and Ethan Howes dropped by with a donation for the hospital’s palliative care unit recently. This marks the second year that the siblings turned their birthday party into a chance to gather donations rather than gifts for themselves. Though two years apart, the two share a birthday on November 24. This year they were…

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STABLE Training Comes to Aberdeen Hospital Nurses

The nurses of the Aberdeen Hospital’s Women & Children’s Unit have received training in the latest best practice methods for the resuscitation, stabilization and transfer of sick and premature newborns. The STABLE Program ensures nurses in every hospital setting across Nova Scotia are best prepared for this critical neonatal response. The Aberdeen Health Foundation provided…

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