Funding Priorities

The following is a list of the areas of care to which the Aberdeen Health Foundation provides funding:

Area of Greatest Need
Funding rapidly emerging needs.

Bain Langley Palliative Care Education Endowment
Funding educational support and renewal for the doctors and nurses of the palliative care unit. Learn more.

Children’s Aid Society Endowment
Funding community projects that promote healthy outcomes for children. Learn more.

Dr. Johnnie Miles Williston Education Fund
Funding advanced educational training for health care practitioners. Learn more.

Edith Were Fraser Family Memorial Endowment
Funding continuing education for nursing staff in Pictou County. Learn more.

Medical Equipment Endowment
Funding advances in patient care technology and skills. Learn more.

Palliative Care Unit Endowment
Dedicated to improving equipment, facilities, and quality of care in the Aberdeen Hospital’s Palliative Care Unit. Learn more.

Pat Lord Award
Funded by the Children’s Aid Society of Pictou County Endowment, this is an annual scholarship for Pictou County adoptees who are pursuing post-secondary education. Learn more.

Sandbar Mental Health Endowment
Funding mental health programs, education, outreach services, and innovative community-based supports. Learn more.

Your Priority
Donors are encouraged to contact the Aberdeen Health Foundation if there is a particular project or area of care they are interested in supporting. Contact us.