Board of Directors and Staff

The Aberdeen Health Foundation is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors, who care about the health and well-being of their community. Pictured L – R Front Row: Kim Martin (Assistant), Robyn Eaton, Heidi Jamieson, Susan MacConnell, Valerie Ryan. Middle Row: Susan Malcolm (Executive Director), Murray Hill, Joanne Cumminger, Lisa MacDonald, Susan Green, Dr. Aulayne Jeans, Jim Shaw. Back Row: Peter Bennett, Harry Munro, Dr. Aaron Smith, Neil Bysterveldt, Hilary Amit, Sean Murray, John Morrow.

Executive Director
Susan Malcolm | contact

Administrative Coordinator
Kim Martin | contact

Board of Directors


Hilary Amit Chair
Susan Green Past Chair
Valerie Ryan 1st Vice
John Morrow Treasurer
Robyn Eaton Secretary

Board Members

Hilary Amit Susan MacConnell
Peter Bennett Lisa MacDonald
Neil Bysterveldt John Morrow
Joanne Cumminger Harry Munro
Robyn Eaton Sean Murray
Jim Gogan Valerie Ryan
Susan Green Jim Shaw
Murray Hill Dr. Aaron Smith
Heidi Jamieson Frank Sobey
Dr. Aulayne Jeans